Friday, July 17, 2009

M0n0wall and SixXS IPv6 - My first time...

I have at home a little Ffirewall running on a VIA EPIA 5000 Mini-ITX board. It is the m0n0wall which runs since more than one year on this board without any issues.
As I want to join the IPv6 community, I've searched which is the best way to get 'connected'. And I've found
The latest Beta-Release (1.3b16) supports AICCU of SixXS. The upgrade from the stable version worked flawless...

After I've created a user account at I was able to request a tunnel. As I have here a little router (Speedport W 701V from T-Online) in front of the firewall, it was not possible to get the tunnel to work in both ways. It was possible to connect my firewall to, but it was not possible to send a ping6 to my firewall. So... no alive packet reached my firewall.
Currently I've enabled the PPPOE-Passthrough on this router (and disabled the router function by deleting the login information).
Everything works perfect (I can ping IPv6 addresses from my firewall). Right no, I wait for more ISKs to request my own IPv6 subnet.

Stay tuned...

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